It’s pumpkin season, and time to get ready for all of our favorite pumpkin crafts, games and object lessons!  Why not add a few of these Pumpkin activities to your fall fun!


 pumpkin mobile fall pumpkin craft

Fall Pumpkin Craft: Pumpkin Mobile

All kids know that pumpkins are great for making Jack-O-Lanterns and for making pumpkin pie.  This fun pumpkin craft will also give them a way to remember the spirit of Christian rather than spooking spirits, by writing Christian messages on the dangling “baby” pumpkins.



Happy Pumpkin Faces: A Pumpkin Object Lesson

Pumpkin painting can be a little messy, but it’s also a lot of fun!  Lay down newspapers and have a ball teaching kids about our partnership with God – using paints – in this pumpkin object lesson.  (He gives us our bodies; we decide whether we will have a smile or a scowl on our faces!)


salvation pumpkin carving

Understanding Salvation Through Pumpkin Carving

This messy, but fun, activity of pumpkin carving and putting a light inside will leave a great impression on kids! It will speak to them about how God removes our sins so that his light can shine through us!


great pumpkins fall bible game

Good & Great Pumpkins Fall Bible Games 

This fall bible game featuring Halloween candy will get kids thinking about what’s in their own hearts – the good stuff and the bad! It’s a great chance to talk about heaven, and what we want God to find in our hearts once we get there!


Spirit-Filled Jack-o-Lanterns (PRINTABLE)

This printable pumpkin can be cut out and filled with the Fruits of the Spirit as a reinforcement to the lesson.



Smiling Pumpkin Cake (Bible Snack & Lesson)

Any pumpkin-face cake or cupcakes with a smile will work for this lesson and bible snack, but this one is homemade!  It’s easy and gives you a chance to reinforce with children that there is always a reason to smile.



“Gourd Volcanoes” Science Experiment

This science experiment with little gourds and chemical reactions will get the kids thinking about what they hope to become in the future!


fall harvest pumpkins craft

Fall Harvest Pumpkins Craft

Children can make beautiful paper pumpkins, but God makes the real thing. This fun harvest pumpkins craft will help give kids insight into the difference between authenticity and imitation.


whats inside a pumpkin fall science experiment 2

What’s Inside A Pumpkin? A Fall Science Experiment

This fall science experiment will get children excited about examining the guts of a pumpkin, which is normally thrown out at carving time. They will see nutrition where they thought there was none, and they’ll make a great leap to comparing pumpkin seeds to Bible verses.


pumpkin-sink-or-float pumpkin science experiment

Pumpkin Sink-or-Float Science Experiment

Children are always amazed over what will sink and what will float. In this pumpkin science experiment, they’ll see that a pumpkin will float (shhh!) unless it has been punctured. Once there’s a hole in a pumpkin, and the unwanted water to saturate it; it will sink.  It’s a lot like our faith. Whether we sink or swim as Christians depends on how well we’ve protected ourselves against wrong influences.