pumpkin-sink-or-float pumpkin science experiment

pumpkin-sink-or-float pumpkin science experiment

Children are always amazed over what will sink and what will float. In this pumpkin science experiment, they’ll see that a pumpkin will float (shhh!) unless it has been punctured. Once there’s a hole in a pumpkin, and the unwanted water to saturate it; it will sink.  It’s a lot like our faith. Whether we sink or swim as Christians depends on how well we’ve protected ourselves against wrong influences.   The underlying message of this pumpkin science experiment is this… Next time we pick a friend, rather than asking how much fun he is or what kind of a bike he has that we might ride”¦let’s ask: Will this person help me sink or swim with my faith?  Check out our guest post over at Christian Homeschool Moms!


Pumpkin Sink-or-Float: A Pumpkin Science Experiment



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