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Below, you’ll find some more information on who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish.

Statement of Faith

  1. We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God;
  2. We believe in one God, eternally co-existent in three persons who are united in purpose:  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
  3. We believe in Jesus Christ’s deity, virgin birth, life without sin, miracles, death, bodily resurrection, and ascension into Heaven;
  4. We believe in salvation through grace, by faith, in Jesus Christ, whose death was the only atonement for fallen mankind;
  5. We believe in everlasting life for whoever believes in Jesus Christ;
  6. We believe that God has personal, active, affectionate and intelligent interests in mankind and desires to be active in children’s lives in a personal way.
  7. We believe it is the church’s responsibility to support parents and guardians in the challenging job of raising children to have Christian values;
  8. We believe it is the church’s responsibility to help bring children to a powerful understanding of, and trust in, God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit through dedicated and meaningful teaching.

Our Mission

Most importantly, we strive to make Jesus real to children.  Jesus is a real guy – he’s not a concept, a list of rules, or an imaginary friend.

He is the living, breathing, loving, guiding, speaking, listening heart of the universe.  Our most important job  is to bring kids to the understanding that Jesus is their most valued friend, more loving than even Mom or Dad.  Our materials should have kids trusting Jesus to be on their sides.  They should feel comfortable speaking to Him and listening with hope for His answers to prayer.

Why Use Our Sunday School Resources

We make teaching as simply and economically as Jesus did.  We feel that Sunday school need not be expensive and complicated.  Just as Jesus could make an easy lesson from a nearby fig tree or a few seedlings by the roadside, our free articles and budget conscious lessons make good use of what’s around us – either in the church storage closet, the garage at home, or the nearest dollar store.

We make God plain to children as they observe the world around them.  Almost everything around us shows God’s glory, and we have attempted to use lots of the things around us to help kids connect with God.  A light bulb shows God’s guidance.  A teaspoon of honey in tea shows how the Holy Spirit sweetens our spirits.  A sock, stick, sour ball, sandwich, soccer ball”¦we’ve now used hundreds of items to show how God can – and will–reveal things about His nature all day long.

We seek to have kids understand that the Bible is very relevant in today’s world and the stories therein still apply.  The challenges that kids face in school – bullying, the occult, peer pressure, gossip, idolatry – are all the same challenges faced by Bible heroes, including Jesus Himself!  Kids who use our materials consistently will find the Bible a very comforting, relevant and understandable place to find help.

We have something to fill any hole in any Sunday school lesson plan.  We can also start you from scratch and give you weeks and months worth of creative fun and learning for children–activities that will help them know Jesus better with each passing week!

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