fall harvest pumpkins craft

fall harvest pumpkins craft

Image by www.allkidsnetwork.com


Children can make beautiful paper pumpkins, but God makes the real thing. This fun harvest pumpkins craft will help give kids insight into the difference between authenticity and imitation.

Fall Harvest Pumpkins (made from Paper Strips!)


– Orange construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Green construction paper
– Scotch tape
– Toilet paper roll


1. Cut the toilet-paper roll in half.

2. Cut a strip of orange construction paper that will wrap around the roll completely and tape into place.

3. Cut orange construction paper vertically into strips that are approximately one inch wide. You will need eight to 10 strips. Cut approximately one inch off of the length of each strip.

4. Work with one end of the toilet-paper roll at a time. Stick a piece of Scotch tape onto the end of one of the paper strips and tape it inside an end.

5. Repeat with three more pieces of paper, so you have strips at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. (Imagine a numbered clock.)

6. Once the initial four strips are down, add another four strips of paper so that they overlap the initial four diagonally (at 2, 5, 8, and 10 o’clock). See pictures above.

7. Now tape the other end of each strip into the other end of the toilet-paper roll. Do this just as you did before, only starting with the second set of strips

8. Once you have all of the orange strips of paper taped into place, cut a leaf out of green paper and tape it into the hole to complete the pumpkin.


What’s the difference between our pretty pumpkins and the ones that God makes, the ones we pick from fields? God’s is real, but ours is an imitation of his handiwork.

The paper pumpkins can only represent the real thing. We make imitations of God’s handiwork to show that we appreciate him. But we would be silly to confuse it with the real thing. A real pumpkin can help sustain life. A paper pumpkins craft is fun, but it is only an abstraction.  Let’s continue to honor God by imitating his goodness – in art and in life.  And someday, his real love will bring us into his kingdom!


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(Original Image Source: www.allkidsnetwork.com)