lighthouse bible lesson 2

Bible Lesson: Rocks, Shoals, Shallows – God Is Like A Lighthouse!

This very active Bible lesson, played in the almost-dark, will have kids moving around and also thinking about how God is like a lighthouse—a light we need to keep watching for. Note: this lesson requires some darkness, such as the ability to lower blinds, though not complete darkness. If the room you teach in is…

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surface tension science experiment

Mixing Soap & Pepper – A Science Experiment about Surface Tension (and Forgiveness!)

This science experiment will introduce students to the concept of “surface tension.” The pepper is a little like sin in our lives, and chidren will get to see how it behaves when coming in contact with liquid soap. Material • Clear glass bowl • Water • Liquid soap • Black pepper Introduction Colossians 3:13 says to “bear…

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lighthouse bible lesson

Sailing Toward the Light – A Bible Lesson about God’s Shining Light

Lighthouses have long been a symbol of God’s guiding light and how He provides safety for us. This Bible lesson, using a tea light in the dark, will help kids better understand how to find and follow the light of God. Materials • Battery operated tea-light (or a lighter if your church allows it) Preparation…

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forgiveness bible game

Wash Away the Past – A Bible Game About Forgiveness

This wet-and-wild Bible game will help children learn about the importance of forgiveness. They will also learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, but moving on. You can learn from your experiences on how to be a better person while laughing and getting wet! Materials • Water • One plastic cup per child • Four buckets…

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fruitful family 2

“Fruitful Family” Kabobs (A Very Special Summer Snack)

Here’s a summer snack you can serve your family this summer – or anytime!  It has a very special meaning that kids will love—about a fruitful family life! Ingredients • Strawberries • Pineapple chunks • Black berries • Seedless grapes • Lollipop sticks or wood kabob sticks, 3 for each child, 4 for each parent…

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if jesus were watching bible lesson

If Jesus Were Watching… A Bible Lesson about Giving Our All

All or Nothing – it’s a concept that focuses on extremes. How does one observe this approach? The answer to this question is different for everyone, but one thing is certain—it is not to be taken lightly. It’s about taking risks and living like today is your last day on earth. For Christians, it can…

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homemade submarine science project

Make A Homemade Submarine – Science Project

Most kids know that that objects placed in water will either float or sink depending on the density of the object. This science project will remind us that the density of our spiritual life can keep us from sinking into loss of our faith in Christ. Material • Empty plastic water bottle • Baking powder • Scissors…

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bird in a cage science experiment

“Bird in a Cage” – A Science Experiment about Freedom

In this science experiment, we’ll show that even though we might feel trapped or things might seem difficult, we are actually free in Jesus! Discussing how the little bird is free even though he looks caged is a great chance to ask children where they feel caged and where Jesus makes them free. Materials •…

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