handprint cards

Make Handprint Cards to Show Your Love and Appreciation!

Help with cutting to make these adorable handprint cards look smoother. Kids will enjoy the art of tracing on a fold and seeing the outcome – and also have a chance to talk about what makes grandparents – and other people in our lives – so special. Materials • Construction paper, light in color, one…

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tn can telephones science experiment

Tin-Can Phone Science Experiment

Talking through a tin can is a wonderful science experiment, not just to teach children how sound waves travel, but it can also illustrate how important concepts are passed from generation to generation. Your students’ grandparents may have made tin-can phones as children, so this could be a great conversation starter for the next visit.…

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pencil holder bible craft

Back-to-School Bible Craft: “Jesus is Always with You” Pencil Holder

All families need a place to keep their pencils, which makes this a great back-to-school bible craft to send home at the start of school. Eyes and a Scripture will help kids keep in mind that in school, Jesus is always with them and for them—but they need to keep picturing him in front of them.…

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quicksand science experiment

Make Your Own Quicksand (A Back-to-School Science Experiment)

Middle school students can find themselves in some “quick sand” in school by picking the wrong friends or hanging out with the wrong crowd. This science experiment creating quick sand is fun and interesting and also drives the point home about friends. Material • One cup of maize corn flour • Half a cup of water • One…

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pplastic cup lighthouse craft

Plastic Cup Lighthouse Craft

This tiny lighthouse craft makes a nice night-light; its soft glow is just bright enough to lead your child to the safe harbor of his bed. Its creation will also give you a chance to talk more about why lighthouses are such an important Christian symbol. Material • White plastic tape or craft tape •…

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broken hearts bible lesson

Broken Hearts / Mended Hearts – A Bible Lesson in Forgiveness

It’s one thing to encourage forgiveness; it’s quite another to get kids to understand how to forgive. Fortunately, forgiveness, – like other important Christian virtues such as love – is about commitment and not about feelings. This Bible lesson using dried play dough that can be moistened and reshaped into a heart will help kids…

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lighthouse bible lesson 2

Bible Lesson: Rocks, Shoals, Shallows – God Is Like A Lighthouse!

This very active Bible lesson, played in the almost-dark, will have kids moving around and also thinking about how God is like a lighthouse—a light we need to keep watching for. Note: this lesson requires some darkness, such as the ability to lower blinds, though not complete darkness. If the room you teach in is…

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surface tension science experiment

Mixing Soap & Pepper – A Science Experiment about Surface Tension (and Forgiveness!)

This science experiment will introduce students to the concept of “surface tension.” The pepper is a little like sin in our lives, and chidren will get to see how it behaves when coming in contact with liquid soap. Material • Clear glass bowl • Water • Liquid soap • Black pepper Introduction Colossians 3:13 says to “bear…

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