great pumpkins fall bible game

This fall bible game featuring Halloween candy will get kids thinking about what’s in their own hearts – the good stuff and the bad! It’s a great chance to talk about heaven, and what we want God to find in our hearts once we get there!


– Orange balloons
– Black Sharpie
– Little candies
– Small objects (paper clips, rubber bands, noodles, etc.)
– Two bowls per team


1. Blow up the balloons and put the various objects inside. Be sure not to mix the candy and small objects!

2. Using the Sharpie, draw pumpkin faces on the balloons.


Students will see who can collect the most “good” pumpkins.


Today we’re going to pop “pumpkins” to find out what’s inside of them. They’re a little like our hearts, which will someday pop open in heaven, and the contents will spill out. Let’s see how a Halloween game relates to eternity!


1. If possible, divide the class into teams of four.

2. Two students from each team will be the “pumpkin pickers” and the other two will be the “pumpkin poppers.”

3. When you say “Go!” the pickers from all teams will run out into the patch and will collect ONE pumpkin at a time. They will then run back to the poppers and give them the balloons.

4. The poppers will pop the balloons and will sort whatever comes out of the balloons.

5. Candy, the “Great Stuff,” goes in one bowl and the objects, the “Good Stuff,” go in the other.

6. Once all pumpkins are picked from the patch, the game is over.

7. The team who has the most candy wins.


In our game, we had some not-so-exciting surprises in our pumpkins and some exciting ones. It’s a little like what’s in our hearts. Sometimes our hearts are sweet and make others happy. Sometimes we do things that disappoint others.

We should always remember that when we see Jesus in heaven, what’s in our hearts will come popping out – the sweet, the good, and the disappointing! Let’s use the candy of Halloween to remind us to be sweet and good, so that one day when we get “popped open” in heaven, God will approve of what was inside us!


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