fall bible activities roundup

Another fall has arrived, and we’ve got a whole new batch of our favorite fall pastimes to share!  Crafts, games and activities that teach the many important lessons that the change of seasons has to offer us.  Why not add a few of these Fall Bible activities to your fall fun!

 fall bible activities roundup


Spirit Filled Jack-O-Lanterns

This printable pumpkin can be cut out and filled with the Fruits of the Spirit as a reinforcement to the lesson.

Happy Pumpkin Faces (& Our Partnership w/ God)

Pumpkin painting can be a little messy, but it’s also a lot of fun! Lay down newspapers and have a ball teaching kids about our partnership with God – using paints – in this pumpkin object lesson. (He gives us our bodies; we decide whether we will have a smile or a scowl on our faces!)

Harvest Time Object Lesson: Reaping a Harvest – Finally!

In this object lesson, you are going to be decorating cupcakes along with the children, demonstrating that oftentimes we have to wait for the best things. You can make cupcakes from scratch or buy them without icing (or scrape the icing off) for this exercise. Hide each ingredient until you need it, and you’re kids will see that waiting on the Lord for the right time to reap can be fun and rewarding!

“Gourd Volcanoes” Science Experiment

This science experiment with little gourds and chemical reactions will get the kids thinking about what they hope to become in the future!

“Magic Color” – A Start of Fall Science Experiment

Just like the fall changes the leaves to beautiful new colors, this fall science experiment with water and color will make a magic third color appear in the bowl!

Sugar Cone Cornucopias – A Start of Fall Bible Craft & Snack

With the start of fall, one thing we can look forward to is harvest time! The cornucopia is a great symbol of harvest. This cornucopia Bible craft & snack will help children look forward to harvest…and to understand some of the spiritual symbols surrounding it.

Good & Great Pumpkins Fall Bible Game

This fall bible game featuring Halloween candy will get kids thinking about what’s in their own hearts – the good stuff and the bad! It’s a great chance to talk about heaven, and what we want God to find in our hearts once we get there!

Harvest Science Experiment: Expanding a Balloon

This science experiment can demonstrate to children that it’s God’s power that makes things grow. We can grow if we give him the space to work within us. As 1 Corinthians 3:7 states, “”neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”

Harvest Time Fall Craft: Leafy Butterflies

Here’s a great fall craft to make good use of the leaves that turn colors in harvest time. It’s easy, and will give you an opportunity to talk about how changes are part of God’s plan to keep us strong and healthy.

“Yarn Apples” Fall Bible Craft

This easy fall Bible craft will yield a harvest of yarn apples in no time! It will also teach kids about how God gives us strength to do our spiritual work until it’s time for the heavenly harvest and how hard the Holy Spirit works in us to make us “fruitful.”


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