Just like the fall changes the leaves to beautiful new colors, this fall science experiment with water and color will make a magic third color appear in the bowl!


• Three clear drinking glasses
• Three clear bowls
• Water
• Blue, red, and yellow food coloring


1. Fill each glass with water.

2. Add a few drops of food coloring to each glass, making one of yellow, one of red, and one of blue water.

3. Do the same with the bowls.

4. Lower each glass one at a time into the bowls and record which color you see.

5. Notice which color combinations create new colors.

6. Write them down.


New colors can be created by mixing primary colors. Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Mixing them will create secondary colors such as purple (from red and blue), green (from blue and yellow), and orange (from red and yellow). Mix all three primary colors together, and you get brown.

We get other colors by mixing these colors with black and white. In some paint stores, there are over 500 shades of colors including pinks, grays, tans, teals, magentas — any color you could think of! But they all start with the three primary colors, plus black and white.


Before Jesus begins to work in our hearts, we are a lot like the primary colors. There isn’t much variety in people’s desires to do good. But once the Holy Spirit begins to help us grow and change, we can become individualized and brilliant, like all the samples in a paint store.

Just like leaves change from green to gold in the fall, Jesus is changing us so that our spiritual brilliance eventually will shine!