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Engage your Science-loving students with these fun and dynamic Bible Science Lessons!

tn can telephones science experiment

Tin-Can Phone Science Experiment

Talking through a tin can is a wonderful science experiment, not just to teach children how sound waves travel, but it can also illustrate how important concepts are passed from generation to generation. Your students’ grandparents may have made tin-can phones as children, so this could be a great conversation starter for the next visit.…

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quicksand science experiment

Make Your Own Quicksand (A Back-to-School Science Experiment)

Middle school students can find themselves in some “quick sand” in school by picking the wrong friends or hanging out with the wrong crowd. This science experiment creating quick sand is fun and interesting and also drives the point home about friends. Material • One cup of maize corn flour • Half a cup of water • One…

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homemade submarine science project

Make A Homemade Submarine – Science Project

Most kids know that that objects placed in water will either float or sink depending on the density of the object. This science project will remind us that the density of our spiritual life can keep us from sinking into loss of our faith in Christ. Material • Empty plastic water bottle • Baking powder • Scissors…

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bird in a cage science experiment

“Bird in a Cage” – A Science Experiment about Freedom

In this science experiment, we’ll show that even though we might feel trapped or things might seem difficult, we are actually free in Jesus! Discussing how the little bird is free even though he looks caged is a great chance to ask children where they feel caged and where Jesus makes them free. Materials •…

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12 patriotic activity ideas 2

12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!

Check out our favorite top 12 Patriotic Activity Ideas for Kids!  From paper crafts and science experiments to snacks and games, there is sure to be an activity idea that any child is sure to love!   Patriotic Craft: Paper Roll Rockets & Firecrackers Fire rockets and fireworks are a huge part of celebrating past battles won. They…

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balloon rockets balloon science experimentscience experiment

“Balloon Rockets” – A Balloon Science Experiment

The balloon rocket will show kids how a balloon without direction can become a missile of sorts!  This balloon science experiment will help them understand how freedom in Christ means having direction – just like our founding fathers did. Materials • One balloon (the longer “airship” balloons work best but the round ones will work too)…

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april showers science experiment 2

Science Experiment : Rain Clouds Can Show Us the Beauty of God’s Creation

This science experiment with rain clouds and colored water can help children think about how God takes care of his beautiful creation, while helping them learn about what keeps clouds in the air! It will also give you a chance to reflect on how April showers are like those periods where we have to wait…

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polar bear fur science experiment 2

Earth Day Science Experiment: Making “Polar-Bear Fur”

Earth Day provides great chances to think of the different ways we can help the earth. One way that kids often enjoy this is by thinking about endangered species. There are all different kinds of animals that are endangered, but the polar bear tends to be a favorite among children. This Earth Day science experiment…

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