Bible Science Lessons

egg balance spring science experiment

Can Eggs Balance On End? – A Spring Science Experiment

The myth has persisted that the equinox is the only day of year when an egg will  balance upright. With this easy spring science experiment, your kids will have a great deal of fun  trying to balance eggs on end, four days before or after the equinox (which falls on a Friday) to see if […]

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every action bubble science experiment

Every Action Counts! A Homemade Bubbles Science Experiment

  All kids love making bubbles. But bubbles last only seconds and are gone. This easy bubbles science experiment will show you that even those events that last only a few seconds can bring joy or sorrow. It is a great opportunity to show that every action, even a small one, counts! Every Action Counts!  A Homemade Bubbles […]

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walking water bible science experiment

”Walking Water” and Waiting for Spring (A Bible Science Experiment)

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1) ”Walking Water” and Waiting for Spring (A Bible Science Experiment) This Bible science experiment with colored water can demonstrate the power of God slowly bringing life back into the plants and trees in preparation for Spring —and also […]

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21 christmas bible activities

21 Christmas Bible Activities for Kids!

21 Christmas Bible Activities for Kids!  It’s the Christmas Season!  And you need fresh ideas to keep your children focused on the true meaning of Christmas during the flurry of excitement that can easily overwhelm us!  We’ve put together 21 of our favorite Christmas Bible Activities to help.  From the Family Advent Activity Schedule and fantastic object lessons to crafts, games and […]

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whats inside a pumpkin fall science experiment 2

Fall Science Experiment: What’s Inside a Pumpkin?

Fall Science Experiment: What’s Inside a Pumpkin? This fall science experiment will get children excited about examining the guts of a pumpkin, which is normally thrown out at carving time. They will see nutrition where they thought there was none, and they’ll make a great leap to comparing pumpkin seeds to Bible verses. All kids […]

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static powered dancing ghosts science project

Science Project: Make a Static Powered Dancing Ghost

Science Project: Make a Static Powered Dancing Ghost Halloween CAN be a fun day instead of a scary day!  Check out this easy science project that turns a spooky day into a happy day – a day to celebrate God’s light instead of Darkness! Material: • A piece of tissue paper • A balloon • […]

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handmade parachutes

Handmade Parachutes Craft & Science Experiment

Summer creates provide many uplifting opportunities. With less time in school, there is more time to pursue our other interests. We can “fall” fast and hard from our winter activities, or we can float more slowly.  What goes up, must come down. We are “up” all year with school work and clubs and lessons. Even […]

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fireworks in a glass science experiment

Fireworks in a Glass – 4th of July Science Experiment

Fireworks in a Glass – 4th of July Science Experiment What would 4th of July be without fireworks? The following science experiment will demonstrate how students can create “fireworks” that are safe and fun and will illustrate some basic tenets of our Christian faith. Material: • Water • Oil • Food coloring (red and blue) • Tall […]

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