tornado earth day science experiment

Kids are fascinated by extreme weather. As we celebrate Earth Day we can think about God’s creation and how it includes some truly spectacular forces of nature, like the tornado. This Earth Day science experiment will give kids a chance to see one up close!


• Two clear two-liter bottles (cleaned, with caps)
• Water
• Clear plastic wrap
• Duct tape


  1. Fill one of the bottles with water.
  2. Put the empty bottle on top of the filled bottle (open end to open end).
  3. Wrap plastic wrap tightly around ends and tape securely with duct tape.
  4. Be sure to reinforce the duct tape so the bottles stay together and the water doesn’t leak out.
  5. Turn bottles upside-down so water flows from top to bottom.
  6. Watch the tornado!


A tornado happens when warm air and cold air swirl around each other and create a vortex. A vortex is a force that pulls things in a circular motion toward its center. When you swirl the bottle around it creates a vortex and makes a tornado in the bottle.


There are all kinds of record-breaking weather events occurring on earth right now — snowstorms, floods, giant forest fires, hurricanes, and tsunamis to name a few! Weather can seem a bit scary, even if it’s not happening in our area, because it’s one of those things over which we have no control. We need to think of our world like this bottle… (Circle your finger around the room.) …and the rest of this room like God’s place in heaven. Our universe seems so huge to us. But God is right above us, right over us, and what’s happening in our little world does not change one speck of heaven. It just isn’t big enough.

So when the weather gets rough, let’s remember that God’s strength, power, or position does not change. And the same way a vortex pulls everything to the center, God pulls his children close to his heart, where he keeps them from harm. God made the earth for us to enjoy, and in honor of Earth Day, let’s remember to be good stewards, grateful to God for his protection and love.