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Earth Day provides great chances to think of the different ways we can help the earth. One way that kids often enjoy this is by thinking about endangered species.

There are all different kinds of animals that are endangered, but the polar bear tends to be a favorite among children. This Earth Day science experiment of making polar-bear fur out of balloons will help them see God’s hand in the design of his creatures!

Earth Day Science Experiment: Making “Polar-Bear Fur”


– Lots of balloons
– Large container
– Ice water
– Rubber bands


1. Fill the container with ice water.

2. Ask the children to stick their fingers in the ice water (“Brrrrrr”).

3. Explain that the polar bear has thick, hollow fur all over his body.

4. Ask the children to wrap to balloons around their fingers and secure them with the rubber bands.

5. Have the children put their wrapped fingers back in the ice water.


Because the balloons are thick and hollow like the bear’s fur, the children will notice that the balloons work as an insulator, keeping their fingers warm in the ice water.

Understanding God

The polar bear is just one example of an animal that God cared for enough to give the perfect clothing for his climate.

God made polar bears with special fur that is hollow and helps them live in the cold Arctic climate. They are quite remarkable creatures! Even with their special characteristics that help them survive in the Arctic, however, they are still endangered because the ice that they live on is melting. They are losing their homes!

God asks us to take care of the earth and all of the wonderful animals he made to live on it. If we are made in his image then we should take care of the animals the way he takes care of us! Thinking about how he took care of the polar bear by giving it special fur can help us understand his love for the animals and why we should protect them.

Let’s remember to pray for the polar bears each night this week”¦or for your favorite endangered animal.



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