Mother's Day Craft

These pop-up cards provide the gift of “chores,” which every mom loves on Mother’s Day, and they help reinforce a lesson about God’s love being like Mom’s love.

Mother's Day Craft

Mothers’ Day Chore Pop-Up Cards

Teacher preparation
Make templates of tulips and round-petal flowers, about two square inches, from  any kind of cardboard.

– Construction paper in different colors
– Scissors
– Stick glue
– Card paper
– Pens or crayons


1. Using a template, draw two or three flowers, each on a different colored construction paper.

Mother's Day Craft
2. Cut out the flowers.

Mother's Day Craft 3. Make stems for each flower out of green construction paper, cut a half-inch wide and three inches long. Fold the stem into an accordion, with five folds.

Mother's Day Craft

4. Glue one end of each stem to the backs of each flower.

5. Using green construction paper, make leaves for flowers.  On each leaf write one chore you will do for your mother without being asked, such as “put away laundry,” “take out garbage,” etc.

Mother's Day Craft

6. Paste the leaves onto the stems so that the writing shows.

Mother's Day Craft
7. Use card paper to make a card. The card should be slightly larger than the flowers.

8. Paste the flowers inside the card, pasting down just the leaves and the base of the stem.

Mother's Day Craft
9. Refold the stems and close the card so that when it opens, the flowers “pop.”

10. On the front of the card write “God’s love is like Mom’s love.” Decorate the front of the card any way you wish.

11. Inside write, “Here is some thanks, Mom, for showing me God’s love!”

Mother's Day Craft

Unlike God, moms aren’t perfect. However, very few people in life love you as much as your mom, and in many cases, only God loves you more!  Next time your mom is being really loving, think of God. Because that’s how he feels about you too!

And don’t forget to show your love by doing those chores for Mom!


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