Eight paper hearts become a small door wreath for Mom in this sweet Mother’s Day craft!


  • Colored Craft Paper
  • Scissors, adult’s and children’s
  • Stick glue
  • Thin craft ribbon, pastel colored
  • Twine


1. If you have very young children in the class you might save time by cutting the strips of colored paper for them.

2. Make a few sample hearts for them by following the steps in the instructions.

3. Cut one piece of twine for each student, about eight inches long and a piece of ribbon the same length.


Have students follow these directions:

1. Cut out the strips to make the hearts.

2. Bend each strip in half.

3. On one strip bent in half, place a line of stick glue on the outer half-inch of each tip.

4. Bend the two tips inward so that the glue on each touches each other. Squeeze to make a heart.

5. Repeat on all the strips until you have eight hearts.

6. Create a wreath or circle shape out of the hearts, all with the tips pointed in.

7. Pick each heart up. Run a line of stick glue over top of each so it will stick to the next one. Save the top two hearts for last.

8. Before pasting the last two, or top two, hearts together, punch a hole in the top of the little “God loves Mom” card. Run the twine though halfway and make a loop at the bottom. Push the two ends through and pull them until they are pointed toward the top of the wreath again.

9. Fit the two twine ends between the top two hearts so that the sign is centered in the wreath, and when you glue them together, you are gluing the two pieces of twine between them. Cut the ends of the twine.

10. Pinch all the hearts together one final time.

11. Use tape to adhere the ends of the ribbon to the outside of the top two hearts.