Instead of X’s and O’s, it’s pink and green rings. Teams take turns trying to make tic-tac-toe! It’s a great principle to show how sometimes God’s will requires us to think hard and reach out in the dark!


  • 18 glow bands of four different colors
  • A clear playing area on the floor


Stack the most cookies on a fellow student’s face before time runs out.


  1. Connect eight straight glows sticks together in pairs of two.
  2. Then crisscross them to make the grid.
  3. Create the circles by snapping the ends together in the other colors so that there are five rings of each color.


  1. Form two teams. Place the grid on the table. Give the rings of one color to one team and the other color to the second team.
  2. Have the teams take turns placing the rings.
  3. Teams should keep trying for tic-tac-toe until one of them gets it.
  4. Play a number of rounds and name an overall winning team.


This Bible game is a little like us trying to follow God’s will in the New Year. It’s kind of dark, and you have to think and pray ahead. God wants you to be victorious in your pursuit of greater spirituality!


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