With this game, students will begin to understand the value of determination. As they stomp on balloons in search of the word “freedom,” they will begin to understand the battle our Founding Fathers faced in search of independence.


– Index Cards
– Pen
– Balloons, five for each child


Children will compete against each other to see who can find the word “freedom” first.


On two index cards, write the word “FREEDOM.” Fold the cards as small as possible and stick each in a separate balloon. Blow up all balloons, filling the others with blank pieces of paper folded up.


Fourth of July celebrations are coming up. It is the celebration of our nation’s independence, our nation’s birthday, which we love to celebrate with lots of noise! Let’s remember this as we play our game.


  1. If possible, divide the class into two even teams.
  2. Have two teams stand on either side of the room.
  3. Scatter balloons amongst the teams.
  4. When you say “Go!” the students will begin to stomp on the balloons.
  5. The first team to find the index card that reads “FREEDOM” and bring it to you wins.


Before we were the land of the free, we were controlled by England. Even though they were so far away, they made our laws, controlled our finances, made us pay taxes, and so on and so forth. Eventually, some brave and determined Americans got tired of being controlled and decided to fight back. It took us a while to get through all of those balloons to find our freedom, but with persistence we were able to do it! Just like it took America’s founders a long time to get what they wanted. They kept fighting for their dream, never gave up, and were eventually rewarded. If we keep fighting for what we know is right, always having our faith in God, he will reward us in the end.


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