The front of the ornament is the Old Testament prophecy. The back of the ornament is the New Testament fulfillment. In between is a back-to-back layer of sturdy craft paper, and a bow hangs it on the tree.



Print a copy of each prophecy and fulfillment onto card stock, one copy for each student.

Copy the template onto card stock and then cut it out.

If you want these crafts to be lasting, trace and cut out the triangle backings yourself before class. Your lines will be cleaner.


Have students follow these steps:

  1.  If your teacher has not done this for you, trace around the template and cut to create the middle section of the ornament. Repeat.
  2. Using stick glue, run lines of glue down the sides of both trees with the decorative side face-down. Then glue them together with the decorative sides facing out.
  3. Cut out your first prophecy front and back. Center them on the middle piece, then use stick glue to apply them. You only need glue at the top of the outer pieces! Don’t glue all the way down and thereby cause bubbling.
  4. Punch a hole near the top but not too close to the edges. Have your teacher do this if you are having trouble punching through the four pieces.
  5. Run the ribbon through the hole and tie a loose bow, so that you have a loop.
  6. Repeat with your other three prophecies and fulfillments.


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