With this game, students will begin to understand what it means to listen to the word of God. They will realize how important it is to read the Bible as they rush around to try to find, and then unscramble, all of the mystery letters.


  • Six Index Cards
  • Pen
  • Fifteen Balloons


Students will compete as a team to first find hidden balloons and then to see if they can correctly unscramble the mystery word.


  1. Write one letter on each index card until you can spell LISTEN. Fold each index card until it is very small and then place it each one in a different balloon. Blow up all balloons.
  2. If you have time before class, hide the balloons around the room.


Palm Sunday was so exciting. Imagine having someone as incredible as Jesus walking around town and helping people! This day represents a time when one of God’s great promises came true. Only thing is, little did people know what was going to happen next. God sends us messages every day and not all of them are easy to understand. There is one thing we can do to help us better realize what God is saying. Let’s see if our game can help us figure it out!


  1. If you haven’t hidden the balloons before class, have students shut their eyes as you hide balloons around the room.
  2. When you say “Go!” students will open their eyes and then begin to hunt around the room for balloons.
  3. When they find a balloon, they will stomp on it to pop it.
  4. If they find a letter, they will place it on the table.
  5. They will find and pop balloons until they find all six letters.
  6. Once the letters are found, they will need to unscramble them until they figure out what the mystery word is.
  7. When the mystery word is found, the class wins.


What was our mystery word? LISTEN. You might be wondering just how you can listen to God to better understand him. One important thing is to read the Bible. God explains much of his expectations for us in his word. Second, when you pray, don’t just ask for stuff. Listen for his responses in your heart. Our direction might not be clear right away, but because of our faith, we’ll know that whatever happens will be good.