Have children color in Isaiah 26:3 and center it on a sheet of construction paper.  The scripture used in this Groundhog Day Lesson becomes a great wall hanging to help children remember that God is always with us and for us, regardless of the circumstances.



  1. Have students color in the poster wall hanging.
  2. They should then center it in the middle of the construction paper.
  3. Stable down the four edges on the centered sheet for them.
  4. Have them put their names at the bottom


Much of life is about waiting. Sometimes it’s about short waits, like waiting for class to be over so you can play. And it’s also about big things! You are all waiting to be adults, aren’t you? The things we wait for generally get here, even if you think they never will. As you wait for spring this year, remember the saying on this poster. Spend the waiting time getting to know God better and seeing how he wants you to fill the time.


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