Children will have a tough time as they try to fill their lungs with as much air as possible in order to keep their feathers afloat. As they try to keep their feathers in the air, they will be reminded to stay in the moment. With this game, they will realize there are a lot more things to be thankful for and a lot more days they can be thankful, even with this important day of the year.


– Fake feathers (Fake turkey feathers in fall colors would be great!)


Balance the feather in the air the longest.


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. After a busy couple of months back at school and sports and extracurricular activities, we finally get a brief rest. Most of what we have to do involves one thing – being thankful! Let’s think about gratitude while we play a game.


Game is best played in small groups; pick one small group to go first.

  1. Have the students stand far apart so that they don’t bang into each other.
  2. When they’re ready, say “Go!” and the students will then hold the feathers above their head and let go, blowing up towards them.
  3. They will keep blowing to keep the feathers in the air for as long as they can, even moving around the room to follow it if need be.
  4. Once a feather falls to the ground, that student is out.
  5. The last student with a floating feather wins that round and can play against other students in a new round.


Bet most people were not able to think about their blessings while they were trying to keep a feather in the air.We don’t always appreciate good things when we have them, because we’re too busy enjoying what we’re doing. Think of Thanksgiving dinner. If you gulp it down, you’ll only have it for a few minutes and will wonder how it all got into your tummy so fast. But if you eat it slowly and really savor each sweet spoonful, saying, “Thank you, God!” a few times, you’ll enjoy the experience so much more.Thanksgiving is a great day to remember and share each thing you’re thankful for, but it is also a great reminder to stay present and enjoy each thing we have to be grateful for—while it’s happening!