No matter the outcome of this game, kids will definitely have fun making cookie stacks on each other’s faces. As they race to stack, they will realize just how similar they all are and by the end of the game, kids will learn how important it is to treat others equally despite any differences they think they see about each other.


  • Two to four packs of cookies depending on class size


Stack the most cookies on a fellow student’s face before time runs out.


Today we are celebrating a hero’s birthday! Martin Luther King. Dr. King taught us about equality, but we’ve still got a way to go before we can say we fulfilled his dream! We need to see people as people, no matter what they look and sound like. Let’s come back to that after our game…


  1. If possible, divide the class into pairs.
  2. Choose two pairs to go first; one student from each pair will sit on the floor and their partner will stand in front of them.
  3. Place a pack of cookies in between both pairs.
  4. When you say “Go!” the standing partner will run to the pack of cookies and grab some.
  5. Their partner will sit with their head angled so their forehead is facing the ceiling.
  6. The standing students will then begin to stack cookies on their partner’s forehead.
  7. The cookies must be placed on the forehead and the student sitting may not touch them at all.
  8. If the cookies fall on the floor, they do not count; the cookies that are remaining on the student’s forehead when time runs out are the only ones that count.
  9. The pair that has stacked the most cookies within 40 seconds wins.
  10. Repeat with new students until all students have had a turn.


Our game was not about the differences between us, but rather, our abilities to focus, stay still, and move quickly. We were all put up to the same challenge, but we all overcame it despite our differences. If we focus and work hard, there is nothing we can’t accomplish, together or alone, because we’re all equal.


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