15 ideas for the perfect mother's day gift

We have put together a list of 15 of our favorite Mother’s Day Gift and Activity ideas for you to share with your friends and family this Mother’s Day!  From beautiful crafts to fun and silly games, yummy snack to challenges and lessons that will touch deep into everyone’s hearts, you are sure to find a new way to express your love to Mom on this special day!

Mother's Day Craft

Mother’s Day Craft: Mother’s Day Chore Pop-Up Cards

These pop-up cards provide the gift of “chores,” which every mom loves on Mother’s Day, and they help reinforce a lesson about God’s love being like Mom’s love.

cupcake liner flowers 2

Cupcake Liner Flowers ““ A Craft To Show Mom Our Love!

If you are looking for a new craft idea for mom this Mothers Day, check out these Cupcake Liner Flowers! You can make them in any of the many cupcake liner designs you can find in so many stores today ““ and they are often an inexpensive supply!

mothers day book of thanks

“Thank You Book” Mother’s Day Craft

If you’ve done enough flowers already this spring and are looking for something else, this traditional Mother’s Day Thank You Book may be just right! All children love their mothers, but sometimes they forget how much their mothers love them – and all the ways they show their love.

honor mom mothers day craft tissue paper flowers

Honor Mom with these Tissue Paper Flowers!

Kids love nothing more than to see Mom’s face light up when they present her with a handmade gift to express their love and appreciation for all that she does for them.   These tissue paper flowers will help kids honor Mom in a colorful way, and the accompanying note will expose them to a great bible passage about Mother’s: Proverbs 31.  Children will also learn a wonderful lesson about being grateful to our moms every day by noticing more of what she does”¦and being grateful for each thing!

mothers day game perfect mom

The Perfect Mom – A Mother’s Day Game

This hilarious Mother’s Day game”“of taping a human body with as many slips of paper as possible”“will help students learn to appreciate and thank their mothers not just on Mother’s Day but every other day as well. They will learn what a makes the “perfect” mom and how they can truly thank her.

mothers day game are you“Are You My Mother?” Mother’s Day Game

This fun Mother’s Day game involving animal noises and animal behavior will teach students the importance of a mother and child relationship.

queen for a day mothers day cupackes2

“Queen for a Day Cupcakes” for Mothers Day

All kids can whip up a card on Mothers Day. But just a little bit of effort can show Mom that she is truly “Queen for a day” by giving her the royal treatment when you create these decorated cupcakes.

mother's day love cookies

Mother’s Day Snack: Love Cookies & a Lesson on the word “Honor”

This Mother’s Day snack comes with a lesson on the word “honor,” from “honor thy mother,” and all the meanings behind it.

mothers day showing our love

Mother’s Day Lesson about Showing Mom Our Love!

This Mother’s Day lesson uses a flower arrangement to help kids understand the challenges parents have with juggling responsibilities. And hopefully the next time they see their moms having a challenging day, they will understand that it’s time to give instead of time to pout or feel hurt.

mothers day object lesson

Is Any Love Bigger than Mom’s? Mother’s Day Object Lesson

One way kids can know how much God loves them is by comparing it to the love of a parent – in this case, Mom! This lesson using a flashlight will show how God’s love “shines through” a parent and reveals an even bigger love in the background.

7 Mini Challenges to Make this Mothers Day the Best Ever

Mothers Day Mom Challenge: 7 Mini Challenges for Your Best Mom’s Day Ever

These 7 mini-challenges can help Mother’s Day to be different.  If you want your kids to think of the details of being a mom”“the hard-work, devotion, and constant search for answers to prayer – try these seven small things with your kids leading up to Mother’s Day.  They may help your kids appreciate ALL the things you do for years to come!

You might also be interested in these additional gift ideas, that can easily be made into beautiful Mother’s Day gift treasures!

clothespin container kids craft

Clothes Pin Container of Flowers

Mom will love this beautiful Clothespin Container of Flowers, that also helps teach kids an important lesson about patience at the same time!

valentine scripture flowers valentines day craft

Scripture Flowers

Are you looking for a special craft to share your heart with someone you love?  These heart flowers featuring a love themed scripture one each petal them will help that special person feel blessed and deeply loved on their special day!

love n scripture fathers day craft 2

Love N Scripture Sunflower

 These sunflowers with scriptures and words of love written on them will help Mom feel blessed and deeply loved on Mother’s Day!

memory jar fathers day craft

Make A Memory Jar” Kids Craft

 This household object lesson doubles as a fun Memory Jar kids craft that Mom’s will love to open time and time again. It’s great for kids old enough to write!  We’re using empty jars to show how Christian moms like to be filled up by two  things – the Holy Spirit and precious memories of their families.

Be sure to check out all of our Mother’s Day gift ideas and activities, and comment on which is your favorite!
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