Youth Sunday School Lesson

I use this youth Sunday school lessonfor 12-14 year olds to encourage them to think of the true meaning of Christmas. Having them each share their own traditions and meanings provides them the chance to discuss why Christians celebrate the holiday and to value the true spirit of the season.Youth Sunday School Lesson

Bible Reading:
Have the students read from the following passages about Jesus’ birth:
Matthew 1: 18-25
Luke 1: 26-38
Luke 2: 1-20

Several students can read until the passages have been read. Talk about the Christmas story so that you can make sure that they have understood what they have read.

Ask the students how they celebrate Christmas at their homes. Ask them what the real reason is behind the Christmas celebration. Have them think about their celebrations at home and the true reason for the Christmas season. Ask them if their celebrations at home really show that they are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Discuss things that they can add to their celebrations at home to remember the true reason of Christmas and encourage them to have their parents help them implement some of the ideas that they generated.

Sing Christmas songs that the students choose.

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