Youth Bible Study Lessons – Good Apple/Bad Apple

Use the game of Good Apple/Bad Apple in your [tag]youth Bible study lessons[/tag] on [tag]Samson and Delilah[/tag]. Your students may have heard of the expression “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” Do they understand what it means? It is a truism having to do with how apple bruises spread from the bruised apple to a good apple when the bruise touches the good apple. Consequently, the bruises grow and more apples get touched.

With kids, it’s come to mean that one bad kid in a crowd can turn everyone into people who misbehave. (Teacher words in bold.)

Today we’re going to play Good Apple/Bad Apple.
Mark off an area with masking tape that is around six feet by six feet. Pick two children to be the “bad apples.” Have them shut their eyes and stand inside that area. Tell the rest of the kids to run through that area after you say, “One, two, three, go!” See how many kids the two bad apples can tag with their eyes shut. Everyone who gets tagged has to become a bad apple and while keeping their eyes shut, tag kids on the next time through. The last kid to be tagged wins a Good Apple point.

Did you notice how it was easier not to get tagged if you were quiet? What does that say about attracting attention to yourself in real life? Sometimes the best way to get through life is quietly and humbly.

Did you notice how the more bad apples there are, the harder it is not to get caught up in the bruising yourselves? What does that tell you about your need for will-power while in a crowd? You need to be prepared and make conscious choices.

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