Use This Help a Sibling Day to Teach Charity Starts at Home

An important first lesson is that “Charity starts at home.” Sibling rivalry and sibling squabbles can be toned down if kids are reminded of the old adage, “Kill ‘em with kindness.”   It is likely that kids who participate in home-based service will be more likely to graduate on to all-day service projects and even projects of their own design when they get older.

Design your own Help a Sibling Day
Write out a coupon or “surprise card.”

Especially where helping older siblings are concerned, families often report a lessening of squabbles and rivalry after a sibling commits an intention act of kindness.

Helping Older Siblings: If big sister Susie was mean all day yesterday, how will she feel when sister Abby delivers her wash to her, all folded? Or cleans all her
makeup and toothpaste splotches off the bathroom counter and leaves a note that says, “I love you! Abby”?

How will big brother Alex feel after younger brother Tommy vacuums his room and lines his shoes up in the closet? Especially if the chore concerns older siblings in puberty or who have bullied, this might require some cooperation from the parents. Tell the parent what your student plans to do, and make sure the parents don’t allow it to turn into slave labor.

Parents could remind the older sibling to say thank you, and who knows? Maybe the favor will be returned!

Helping Younger Siblings: As younger children generally love attention from older children, this is not as challenging. An older sibling could read a book to a younger child or help him on with clothes in the morning (and save Mom a heap of trouble). An older sibling could agree to babysit or take the younger child to the park (and give Mom or Dad a much needed break)!

What do you think of this family service project? Like it? Love it? Would never try it in a million years? Give me some feedback and let me know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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