Teen Sunday School Lessons – David and Goliath

This is one of the teen Sunday school lessons taken from David and Goliath.  It focuses on the role of heroes and of strength to handle difficult situations. Try this with your 12-14 year old class.Teen Sunday School Lessons

Bible Reading:
Today’s bible reading is the story of David and Goliath.  In the bible this is found in 1 Samuel, 17.  This is rather a long passage for a Sunday school class so either use a non-bible version of the story, or choose specific sections.

Suggested sections:    1 Samuel 17: 4-11
1 Samuel 17: 32-40
1 Samuel 17: 45-50

Discussion 1:

Faith in God gave David the confidence to know that he could kill Goliath. How can our faith help us to cope with situations that seem impossible or scary?

Activity 1:
You are standing next to David when he talks to Saul.  Write down what you see and hear.

Discussion 2:
David was an unlikely hero, but what is a hero?  Who is their hero – go around the class and ask each child to name their hero.   Some people become heroes because of the job they do – such as those in the emergency services, or the military.   Does the class think that say, firemen, consider themselves heroes?  A hero will put others above himself, even the life of another before his own – Jesus died on the cross to save us, does that make him a hero?

Activity 2:
Have each student decide what kind of superhero they would want to be – this is not an existing superhero but one they invent.  Although there can be discussion about how they would dress etc, the main object is to find out what their mission would be – who would they save, and why.

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