Teaching Teamwork Using a Pillowcase & a Race!

Learning the value of being patient and working as a team is very important. Teamwork isn’t always easy. But if we can learn to work together without getting impatient, we are pleasing the Lord. And we can make it really fun, too! Let’s try with this Bible game!

The disciples were great men of God, but truth be told, they started out a little klutzy. In Matthew 17, they tried to cast out demons, but were unable to. They were probably embarrassed when Jesus had to come and finish what they started.

In Mark 10, James and John ask to sit on either side of Jesus in heaven, which made the other disciples mad and started a huge grumble fest.

But one of the reasons they became Jesus’ most beloved followers is that these men learned to work together as a team.  Your children can practive teamwork and patience with this great Bible game.


Materials Needed: Pillowcases (enough so that two children can share one)

Object: Each pair of students will have to race to the other side of the room and back, but with one leg in a pillowcase.

Split the class up so that each child has a partner. (If class is uneven, play yourself!) Give each pair a pillowcase and instruct the students to each put one leg in the pillowcase. Then tell them to link arms with their partner and grab hold of an end to their pillowcase. When each pair is situated, tell them that they have to run to the other side of the room and back. The first team back wins.

In order to win, both children need to pass the finish line. For example, if one partner’s leg passes the finish line first, then they will have to wait until their partner’s leg passes the finish line in order to win.

When we put our heads on our pillowcases tonight, let’s remember that teamwork makes dreamwork! Let’s be thinking of ways to cooperate in school projects and with friends, and to not lose patience or gossip when somebody can’t do things as smoothly as we can. If we help a partner, we can think of the disciples and know we are honoring them!


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