Teaching Sunday School – Listening to God

Keeping children’s attention when teaching Sunday school can be a challenge.  This lesson stresses listening and has activities that work well with the 9-11 age group.Teaching Sunday School

Bible Story:

In this lesson, God uses Balaam, who is pulled between pagan beliefs and truly listening to the voice of God.  The Moabite people are afraid of the Israelites taking over their land and ask Balaam to put a curse on the Israelites so they will be driven out of their country.  Have the students read the following selections.
Numbers 22: 21-27
Numbers 22:28-31
Numbers 22:32-38


God used the angel three times to get Balaam’s attention.  It didn’t work.  Are we like that sometimes?  Why did Balaam ignore God, but listen to the donkey? How does God speak to us?


Sometimes God speaks to you in a still small voice, through other Christians, through the Bible, or through prayer.  Have students stand in a single file line.  Whisper into the first students ear “God says speak only what I tell you” have that student whisper what they heard to the next student and so on.  Ask the last student to share aloud the message they received.  Compare to the actual phrase whispered and discuss how sometimes we have a hard time listening to God.  Repeat with other verses from the story if time allows. (Numbers 22: 21-38)


Make a Venn-diagram (two circles that overlap slightly to allow for a common shared area) and compare how God talked to Balaam, and how he talks to us.

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