Sunday School Teaching Tools – Respect Your Students

Sunday School Teaching ToolsThese are just two of the Sunday school teaching tools which have helped me to motivate my students to come to class regularly.  Show them the respect and the individual attention that you would like to receive yourself.  These are simple but heartfelt ways to show them that you care and are interested in them as people.

At an age where everyone considers them a subordinate, children love feeling like an equal to an adult.  Respect the feelings, actions, and personalities of your Sunday school students by allowing them to express themselves in your activities.  Listen to their input in discussion and make it clear how valuable their opinions are.  Respecting your students teaches them to respect themselves and creates a feeling of self-confidence, which will drive them to return to your class week after week.

When students work individually on projects or Sunday school activities, wander the room and chat with each student.  Complement them on the work that they are doing and offer suggestions for making things better.  Question them about their motivation or interpretation, and make it clear that you value their presence in your class.

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