Sunday School – Naaman & Elisha

Try these topics with your Sunday school class when teaching the lessons on Naaman and Elisha. These will encourage your students to offer their ideas on how to become trustworthy adults. (Teacher words in bold.)

As we remarked in the previous posting, God asks us to do small things to prove we can be trusted with much bigger things. Let’s figure out some responsible things we can do as kids to prove that we’ll be ready to be adults in the Lord.

Read the following scenarios aloud and see if they can figure out what kid responsibility goes with the big responsibility.

Your dad gives you $20 allowance. But he says you have to save half and give another tenth of what you have left to the church. Bummer? No! What are some of the things he is trying to help you learn? Budgeting money, making charity a part of your life, simple business math, generosity.

If you can’t budget $20 a week as a kid, how will you budget for the electric and gas bill as an adult? How will you be anything except selfish with your money?

Your mom makes you take care of your baby brother for an hour on Saturdays. She wants you to feed him and change his diapers, even if she’s in the house. What are some of the things she is trying to help you learn? Responsibility for others, that you’re not the center of the universe, leadership, how to be part of a team.

If you can’t watch your brother for an hour now, how well can you watch an entire family for years once you have your own?

Let’s review: What are some things we can do as kids to prove ourselves worthy adults?
What are some things we can do as kids to prove ourselves worthy adults?

Here’s a trick to keeping on the right road until you’re a responsible adult: HAVE VISION. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU HAPPENS FOR A REASON.  Naaman didn’t have enough vision. He thought God was trying to knock him down, when God was simply trying to give him a bigger gift than his healing, which was humility.


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