Sunday School Lessons for Teens

Try these discussion topics for your Sunday school lessons for teens when you are teaching about God and creation.  You will find your 12-14 year olds have their own insights into the story of creation and of evolution and like a place to be able to discuss the topic freely.Sunday School Lessons for Teens

Bible Story: 
Read the first chapter of Genesis.  Go around the room having each student read a section.  Before continuing on to the next section, paraphrase what was just read and chart each day’s creation.

Genesis 1: 1 & 2
Genesis 1: 3-5
Genesis 1: 6-8
Genesis 1: 9-13
Genesis 1:14-19
Genesis 1: 20-23
Genesis 1: 24-27

Discussion: about why God made us
Why did God want to make the world, animals and people?  Does God want us on earth for a reason?  Why did he give us animals and the rest of creation?

Discussion:  God ordered creation as He did for a reason.  How do you see God ordering your life to keep you on his path?  Do you see how God has allowed something to happen?

Activity:   compare and contrast
Compare the creation story just read, and what they have been taught in school.  Many schools teach evolution only.  Help students to see that all of creation is too intricate to have all come from one organism.  The Darwin theory is just a theory, discuss what a theory is.

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