Sunday School Lessons for Children – Thou Shalt Not Lie

“[tag]Thou shalt not lie[/tag],” the Ninth Commandment, is probably the one kids will be most likely be tempted into breaking. Establishing its importance allows us to to teach several things in these [tag]Sunday school lessons for children[/tag].

1) How being prepared to tell the truth prevents lying,
2) How to resist the temptation to lie, and
3) The consequences of lying, which include how people can’t trust you afterward.
Everyone wants their friends and family to trust their word. Hence, we should learn to tell the truth.

Ask your [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students if there is anyone in class who has never told a lie? If any hands go up, joke that the person is probably lying. Lying is one of the easiest Commandments to break because it’s so easy. All you have to do is open your mouth and let it roll on out. But sometimes, the consequences of our lies are just staggering.

Sometimes telling the truth is not easy. It seems we will get in trouble if we tell the truth and it’s better to lie. But we want people to trust us and believe us when we say things. Therefore, telling the truth can take some practice.

Pretend lying situations.
Pretend you took some candy without asking your mom and you’re hiding it behind your back. She asks you if about the missing candy and you say you don’t know what happened to it.  That is a lie you are saying to your mom. Sneaking is lying with your actions instead of your mouth. So in a certain way you have lied two times.

Do you think your mom will be able to trust you again?  It will be difficult for her.

The [tag]Ninth Commandment[/tag] is Thou Shalt Not Lie. What will we try to do this week with our mouths and with our actions?  Always tell the truth!

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