Sunday School Lessons for Children – Solomon’s Temple & Gifts for God

What kind of gifts can we give The God who gave us everything? Here are [tag]Sunday school lessons for children[/tag] based on the story of [tag]Solomon’s Temple[/tag]. (Teacher words in bold.)

2 Chronicles 7 tells how, after Solomon built the beautiful temple to God, he laid the first offering on the on altar, and fire came from heaven and consumed the burnt offering. When we make sacrifices to God, He is happy about that.

God surely liked the temple that Solomon built, didn’t He? How did God show his gladness? He came down and lit the burnt offering on fire and took it. He lit up the temple so brightly that the priests couldn’t go in there.

So, let’s go get us a huge mountain of silver and gold so we can make a gift good enough for God. Okay? They should object. What’s wrong with that plan? Because we’re not rich. Because God wants other stuff from us.

There’s three things God ask from you. “Love the Lord with all your…what?”
Heart, soul, and mind.

Here’s a modern day tale of a girl who was six years old and lived in California. Her dad had left home. No one knew where was or why he had been unhappy in their house. The mom had to work very hard. The little girl coped by telling God every day, “Well, you have to be my father.” And she was very serious about this.

One day, her mom got flowers for Easter from friends who were trying to cheer her. There were a dozen white roses in the vase, and the little girl thought they smelled better than anything. Mom was cooking, and the little girl went into the kitchen and saw her mother, very busy. And she said, “Can I have a rose?”

Mom said absently, “Why not??”

The little girl took a rose, went outside, and she put the rose one of the pretty bushes belonging to her neighbor. She said, “God. I don’t have anything to give you except this rose, which you made anyway. But it’s the nicest thing we got in a long time. It smells great. It is my present to you. Happy Easter.”

And she left. On her way to school the next day, she stopped on her way to the bus stop and looked, and the rose was gone. She grew into an adult and made some huge mistakes and didn’t see her mother for a long time. But she knew who her Father was. He never let her forget for too long. God always came around to straighten her out, just
like a real father would have.

Do you think that God took the flower as a special gift from the little girl? Or do you think it blew away in the wind? Most will say He took it.

Why did He honor this gift from her, a flower that He had made in the first place? Because it was the best thing her family had gotten in a long time. She was giving away the best thing that she had.

Do you think the gift, this flower, told the Lord that he had her heart, soul, and mind? Yes.

If you wanted to show the Lord that He had your heart, soul and mind…in other words, all of you, what would you give him? Most people like to show love of God in actions these days:

• Do something for a good charity.
• Promise some sort of good behavior like helping Mom with chores.
• Promise to not fight with a sibling this week or this month.
• Extra hard work on grades because it makes your parents happy to see you trying.

Let’s all think of a “gift” for God this month, a “sacrifice” of our time or our belongings, and we should pray for a reminder every morning to keep that promise. The Holy Spirit will remind us.

Discuss with them what their individual gift might be.

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