Sunday School Lessons for Children – Moses Parts the Red Sea

These [tag]Sunday school lessons for children[/tag] focus on the story of [tag]Moses parting the Red Sea[/tag]. Children have little difficulty in believing in the miraculous. They are still often deciding what can be real and what is imaginary. Hence, before they get old enough to exercise doubt, they have great opportunities to celebrate the miraculous and cultivate a spirit of hope and possibility.

Through studying one of the greatest miracles recorded in the Bible, they can see that God is capable of anything, and in that, we can have hope for eternity.

We don’t have to run through a [tag]Red Sea[/tag] today to escape bad armies! Still, we have “Red Sea” days in our lives. These are times when we could really use God’s help with something—we want something in our lives to change.

The Hebrews didn’t want to be slaves anymore. They wanted to be free and happy. Ask your students what is it that they want to be better or to change? Have your [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students sit at the tables and, depending on their ages, either write down or draw something in their lives that they don’t like, that they would like to see changed.

Some triggers you might suggest are:
• We only have one bathroom in our house. I would like more.
• My big sister never lets me go anywhere with her. I want to do more things with her.
• I don’t have enough socks, but Mom says we can’t afford to buy anything now.
• My parents fight a lot, and I want things to be peaceful.
•  Nobody wants to sit with me at lunch at school, and it embarrasses me.

After crossing the Red Sea, the Hebrews had quite a long journey ahead of them.  Just like the Hebrews sometimes we don’t get rid of our challenges right away, but like the Hebrews, we can have hope because God can do anything.

During this lesson, we learn how to give a problem to God, and what that feels like in our hearts. If we’re looking to change a “Red Sea” problem in our lives, sometimes it helps to find a friend who will pray for us, too.

All our voices are different, and all our “Red Sea Problems” were different. But just like we know the sounds of different things, God knows the sound of each of our voices. We can believe he hears us and wants to help us be free.

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