Sunday School Lesson Plans – Story of Ruth

Are you looking for Sunday school lesson plansfor your 9-11 year olds?  My class  had a thoughtful discussion using the topics and activities mentioned below using the story of Ruth. Sunday School Lesson Plans

Bible Story: 
Read the story of Ruth from the Bible or go around the room having each student read a section from chapter 1: 1-22.  Suggestion:  teacher should paraphrase chapters 2 and 3 due to time constraints so students see how Naomi’s mood changes from despair to happiness because of Ruth sensitivity to God’s direction.  Have students continue the reading at chapter 4: 13-17.

Discussion:  obedience
What is God trying to tell us from this lesson?  Ruth chose to follow God’s will because of her faith.  She became Naomi’s encourager.  Who is your encourager?  Who do you encourage?

Ask the students to write their names in a vertical column on a piece of construction paper.  Use adjectives that start with each letter listed to describe themselves.  Example:
R    eliable
U    nderstanding
T    hankful
H    elpful

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