Sunday School Lesson Plans – Palm Sunday

Try these Sunday school lesson plans for your 9-11 year olds for Palm Sunday.  This age loves competition and these ideas are good for participation and learning.

Bible Story:  From the bible read about Jesus and his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Next talk about the events of the rest of the week.  If you have a book that condenses the week down into events happening each day – this would work best and would help with the activity.

Discussion:  Talk about the importance of this week.  Make sure that this is one class where the students leave understanding the Christian events rather than the contemporary parallels.  As you go over the events that happened in the days leading up to the crucifixion, ask questions about the story you are telling to make sure that the students understand.  You might want to think about the quiz activity so that you cover the answers to the questions that will be asked.Sunday School Lesson Plans

Activity 1:  Have a large sheet of paper for named each day of the week from Palm Sunday to Good Friday.  Split the students into groups and depending on the size of the class; give each group one or two sheets of the paper.  In their groups have them write, or draw, (or both), the events that they remember happened on those particular days.  If you have more 9 than 11 year olds in the class, you might want to give them a “master list” of events which have no day allocated on them, so that the students are reminded which events they need to have on the sheets when they are complete.

When all the groups are finished, pin all the sheets of paper on the wall and ask the class to check that the events are all listed in the right days – move those which aren’t.  Add any events that have been completely missed off.

Activity 2:  Quick Quiz

Split the room into two groups of equal size.  Give the following rules:

1. 2 points for a correct answer.
2. First answer counts.
3. No calling out the answer until you’re asked or the other team gets the points.

Quiz Questions

1. What was the city called where Jesus entered triumphantly?
2. What did he enter it on?
3. What did the people call out as he passed?
4. Where did Jesus overturn the tables?
5. What kind of tree was withered by the side of the road
6. What should be given to Caeser?
7. Who betrays Jesus?
8. How much was he paid?
9. How many disciples were at the last supper?
10. Who denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed?

To end the quiz ask the following question:

Who ordered that Jesus be crucified?  Ask each of the students individually – some will say Pontius, and some will say the people.  Allocate 1 point to each person in each team that gets the answer right.

Total up the scores and proclaim one team the winner.

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