Sunday School Lesson Plans for Toddlers

Try these activities and games for your Sunday school lesson plans for toddlers.  These provide hands-on games and activities to introduce your 2-4 year olds to the Bible and its importance.Sunday School Lesson Plans for Toddlers

Bible Story: 
Tell any Bible story in basic language that this age group can understand.  If you can’t find an illustrated copy of this in the library for use in your class, use the bible use simple language.

What is the Bible?  Do the children know?  Show them a Bible.  Let them feel how special it is.  Tell them the Bible is a collection of books that are put together to make one big book about God and man.

Create some memory cards with images on them that are for the various books of the Bible.  Try to match the image with the book name if possible but keep the images different so that they are easily identifiable for the children.  Write the name of the book on the card with the image.  Make two identical cards for each book/image.

First of all, show the children the cards and say the name of the book that it represents.  Then turn the cards face down on the table and one at a time have the children turn over 2 cards looking for pairs.  As they turn the cards, read the name of the book aloud to the class so that they get used to hearing the names of the books of the bible.  If you have a large class, you may have to play this twice so that everyone has a turn, rather than having too many different books for them to remember the location of.

Song:   (To the tune of  “What a friend we have Jesus”)
Tell me stories from the Bible
Tell me of what God has said
Tell me how Jesus healed the people
Tell me what God’s hands have made

Teach me how to be a [tag]Christian[/tag]
Teach me how I ought to pray
Tell me all that God created
Help me follow in his path

Activity 2:
On a large piece of paper, draw the outline of the front of a Bible.  Supply this along with some small pieces of different shades of the same colored paper, and some glue.  Write “THE BIBLE” on the front in large letters.

Create a mosaic book cover by having the children stick the colored shapes onto the outline but not covering the title.  Pin this on the wall as a constant reminder of Gods’ book.

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