Sunday School Lesson Plan – Gideon

Take a look at these ideas for your Sunday school lesson plan to teach the story of Gideon.  Using drama with 6-8 year olds is quite effective and readily engages them in the lesson.Sunday School Lesson Plans

Bible Story:
Tell the story of Gideon, which is Judges 6-8. You can tell the story using a children’s bible or just tell it in such a way that this age group can understand it.

Talk to the children about how scary it would be to hear the jugs break, horns blow and see the torches all at once in the night.

Give some children flashlights, some recorders, and some pots with wooden spoons. Explain that the flashlights are like the torches, the recorders are like the horns and the wooden spoons banging on pots are like the jugs breaking. Have the children shine the light, blow on the recorders and bang the pots when you turn the lights out, then stop when you turn them back on. Then talk about how shocking that would be if they were asleep and they heard and saw that.

Make a Gideon Story Jar.

Need:  One large jar for each child
Crayons or Markers

Pre-cut one piece of paper for each jar. Have the children draw the story on their paper. They can add glitter to represent the torches if they wish. Then glue the paper to the jars.

Ask the children why Gideon led the army. Emphasize that he had signs from God that helped him to trust God and follow Him.

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