Sunday School Lesson – God Speaks to Elijah

Keeping children’s interest when teaching a Sunday school lesson is always a challenge.  The story of Elijah can generate a thoughtful discussion about beliefs in God and standing up for their beliefs.

Bible Story:

Tell the students that we are reading about Israel’s history during the reign of King Ahab.  He was looking to do away with God’s prophets.  Read the story of Elijah from the Bible or go around the room having each student read a section.  Break as needed to discuss the selections.
1 Kings 18:1-6
1 Kings 18:7-15
1 Kings 18:16-19
1 Kings 18:20-21
1 Kings 18:22-29
1 Kings 18:30-35
1 Kings 18:36-39


What do you think about Obadiah?  He believes in God, but is afraid to let his boss know.  Does he follow God even though he’s afraid?  Why is it important to let people know that you believe in God?  How can you?


Have the students unscramble the verse that follows

I eah dwieoprhs eth drLo censi ym huyto  (verse 12 b)


Write out the following verse on a piece of paper, make copies for the students, and cut around each word.  Place the words in an envelope, one for each student.  Challenge each student to order the words of the verse.  Discuss the verse when they’ve completed the puzzle.  You should tell the students where to find it if they are having trouble.  (1Kings 18:21)

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