Sunday School Ideas – Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

There are so many Sunday school ideas for the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet.  I find the drama and the activity lead to thoughtful discussions of humility with the 9-11 year olds. Sunday School Ideas

Bible Story:

Tell the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet to the children in the class.
A picture book version isn’t necessary but a simplified version of the story will put it into the understand level of the age group.  If you have a children’s bible that you use with your class, then this ought to be appropriate.


Have the class act out the story with one person playing Jesus.  If desired, you could provide a bowl and towel to make the scene more realistic, but no water.


Why did Jesus do this?  What examples do the children have in their own lives where they have been made to feel that they were not as worthy as another child?  What would Jesus say about that?


For this project you will need some construction paper, a pen, art supplies, glue or double sided tape, and large bowl shape cut out of construction paper.

Put the children into pairs.  Have them take off their shoes and socks.  Each child should draw around the feet of his or her partner onto construction paper.  Once the feet shapes are on paper, the children should write the name of the feet owner onto the shapes and then color them before they cut them out.  All of the decorated feet should now be stuck onto your bowl shape.  Pin the completed picture on the wall to remind the children of the humility of Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples so that they remember that no-one is greater than another.

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