Sunday School Ideas – JESUS IS ALIVE Butterfly

Here are some Sunday school ideas to use when teaching lessons about the Resurrection or life and death.  This is a Sunday School craft that goes well with stories about the Resurrection or stories of our deaths and resurrection with Him in heaven.

It has a particularly nice message when told with a story about caterpillars turning into butterflies and how this is one way God symbolizes our life on earth compared to our life in heaven.

•Construction paper, one sheet for each child
•Marker pens, different colors
•Glitter or foil designs to put on wings
•Hole punches of different colors for wings
•Pipe cleaner, two for each child
•Plastic spoon, one for each child

Before Class:
1.Fold a piece of construction paper in half width wise, so that the dimension is 8.5 x 5.5
2.Draw one giant wing of a butterfly so that it edges up to the fold
3.Cut it out, open the paper, and you should have identical two wings, meeting together at the fold
4.Refold the paper, and on the fold, cut a ¼-inch slit in the center
5.Cut another ¼-inch slit an inch above it
6.On each spoon, write, “Jesus Rose for Me” in Sharpie pen
7.Do this much for each child.

Instructions:  Have each child

1.Cut out his butterfly, careful not to cut it in half by cutting down the fold
2.Decorate wings with hole punches, markers, glitter
3.Slip the plastic spoon through the two slits, back and then through the front again so that it stays in place
4.The rounded part of the spoon should be at the top of the wings, to be the butterfly face.  The handle is the body
5.Take the two pipe cleaners and gently create two circles with each end to be the antennae
6.Gently slide the other two straight ends in and behind the face of the spoon and down through both slits
7.Draw a smiling face on the spoon.

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