Sunday School Ideas – Armor of God

Try these Sunday school ideas with your 9-11 year olds to teach the lesson from Ephesians.  The activity and art project will help them to visualize the message of this lesson, that the Armor of God is available to everyone to defend themselves from evil.Sunday School Ideas

Bible Story:
Have the students read Ephesians 6: 10-18.

Talk about the armor of God. Discuss each piece and how each piece will help us.

Have the students draw armor on themselves.

Materials needed:
Butcher paper
Colored paper

Have the students take turns drawing an outline of each other on butcher paper. Then have them draw armor on the outline of themselves. When they are done you can display their work around the room.

Have the students play a Bible relay race.

Materials needed:
Marker board, chalkboard or 2 large pieces of poster board
Writing utensil (will depend on which kind of board you have)

Split the students into two teams. Each team will have a poster board attached to the wall or space on the chalk board or marker board to write on. Have the teams race to see who can write the different pieces of armor that the Bible reading mentioned. After each piece of armor has been written have them race to see which team can draw each piece first. Make sure that each team member gets a turn to write and/or draw, depending on the size of your Sunday school class.

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