Sunday School Games – Follow the Leader

I always try to involve my younger students with Sunday school games  to get across the lesson of the day.  Although the game of “Follow the Leader” is a common one, using the tips below shows that it isn’t always easy to be a leader. I use this game when teaching about Naaman and Elisha. (Teacher words in bold.)

Follow the Leader

Now we’re going to play a leadership game. I’m going to bring a leader up to the front of the class. The leader is going to lead exercises—stretching, jumping, running in place, touching toes. You’re to do whatever the leader says. His job is to get you doing everything at the same time by counting loudly and moving at the right pace. Who wants
to be the leader?

Pick the person who is most outgoing and coordinated so children will have an easier time following.

The rest of you, your job is to listen to the leader’s instructions and follow the leader as  best as you can.

Don’t be afraid to call the leader aside a few times as he or she leads the exercising, and correct him if he isn’t watching the group or correcting the group, or if he’s being too demanding. It will show that leadership is not easy.

Questions for the leader:
How did it feel to be responsible for all these people and all their actions?
Was it as easy as you thought it would be?
Did you think a couple times that you’d rather be a follower?

Questions for the group:
How did it feel to listen to somebody your own age? When you get to be a grownup, everybody sees each other as “the same age,” more or less, so it’s good to get your practice in now. There won’t always be parents.

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