Sunday School Game – Launching Words of Kindness

This Sunday school game helps students learn how kindness isn’t always easy, but mean words can make hearts “splatter.”God wants us to treat each other as Christ instructed. Ephesians 4:32 says, ”Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God has forgiven you.”
Warning: This is one of our water games and is great for hot days!

Materials needed: Water balloons, two bed sheets, Sunday school table or a couple of chairs, container for your filled water balloons

Preparation: Two-dozen small water balloons, filled

Object: To be the first team to earn five Kindness Points.

Hold up a water balloon.

Our hearts are sort of like water balloons. They can break easily if people say unkind things. Therefore we want to be the “kind” team that never breaks a heart—in this case–a water balloon. Let’s try!

Divide the students into two teams, trying to keep ability fairly equal.

Put either the table or a couple of chairs in the center of the playing field to separate the two teams.

Give each team a bed sheet and have team members each take a corner or side.

Put a water balloon in the center of one team’s bed sheet. Together, team members have to “launch” the water balloon at the other team. The other team has to catch the balloon in the bed sheet without breaking it.

Give them a few tries before the game begins so they can try to figure out team strategies. Then start the game.

If the team catches the balloon without it breaking, they get one Kindness Point.

If the balloon breaks, nobody gets the point.

If the balloon breaks, get another balloon. If it doesn’t, the team may launch it back at the first team, who will get a Kindness Point if they catch the balloon.

The first team to get five Kindness Points wins.

Well, some hearts broke today…but kindness gets easier and easier with practice! Let’s remember to practice kindness this week—the real kind! The more we practice kindness, the more it will become a habit.

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