Sunday School – David’s Show of Faith

Showing faith joyfully inside the walls of [tag]Sunday school[/tag] is easy. Yet messages learned in Sunday school are not often spoken outside of church. To show his faithfulness and humility, David, King of Israel, danced and with joy for carrying the Ark of the Lord.(Teachers words in bold.)

David was thankful that the Great [tag]Ark of the Covenant[/tag] had finally come home to his city! To show his faithfulness and humility, [tag]David, King of Israel[/tag], danced and with joy for carrying the Ark of the Lord.

“Um, King David! Excuse me, but…you look totally dumb.” David just danced bigger.  I may look silly…but I feel great!  “Wow. That David, he doesn’t care about anything, except that he loves the Lord a lot. Maybe I’m the one who should be embarrassed…”

The Ark of the Covenant has disappeared. We no longer know where it is. Some say it’s buried in a cave in Egypt. Some say it was carried off to Africa in some war against Israel. Some say it’s in heaven with God.

We no longer have the Ark to celebrate. But we have David’s dance in our hearts always. We have his joy. We have his ability to be happy about our faith—in public, in private, whenever we are asked, whenever we feel called to tell others.

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