Sunday School Curriculum – Jacob & Esau

Children want everything in life to be fair, and surely that’s not the case. This [tag]Sunday school curriculum[/tag], on [tag]Jacob and Esau[/tag], can be used to encourage thoughtful dialogue with your [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students.

Sunday School Lesson:  Jacob & Esau

Looking at the unfair advantage Jacob took of his twin brother Esau gives children a view of reality. The fact that God allowed Jacob’s deception can seem confusing, but is a good opportunity to see how God is always fair, things can work out for us even after we’ve been treated unfairly or have made regrettable mistakes of our own.

Kid’s have an internal “justice mechanism” that tells them immediately when something is not fair. As parents how many times have we heard the lines: “…but you let him do it yesterday!” “…you let her stay up late!” “…not fair, not fair!”

Ask your students: “Has anything ever happened to you that was unfair before? Tell us about it.” Encourage children to speak up. Everyone should have a story about something unfair happening to them. Take four or five.  Do they think that their parents are ever unfair?  Do they think Sunday School teachers can be unfair?

Responses are always variations of yes. So, then, ask them “why do you still love them?” Replies are then variations of nobody’s perfect. But they still come to Sunday School. How come? They may reply with comments about overlooking the bad for the good.

The point is that everyone on earth can be unfair sometimes. We must trust in God that he will stay by us and that he is always fair.


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