Sunday School Curriculum – God’s Rules

Use these ideas for your [tag]Sunday school curriculum[/tag] when teaching the [tag]Ten Commandments[/tag].  The Bible is not meant to be used merely as a book of rules. But still, rules bring comfort to children and help them know where the boundaries are.  Teaching the Ten Commandments is a big part of their church learning.

We want children to understand that God has established right from wrong, and we should keep his commands in our hearts.

Ask your [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students if their mom and dad have rules for their house? What are some of the rules that their parents have that they’re supposed to follow? Let children list some, like brushing teeth before bed and saying grace before eating.

God has rules, too.  These rules help us to know Him better. God likes good and doesn’t like bad, like when people hurt each other or hurt Him.  He gave us the rules so we know right from wrong and so that we would know what He likes and doesn’t like.

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