Sunday School Crafts – Keeping the Sabbath

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy,” the [tag]Fourth Commandment[/tag], has taken on diverse meanings in our culture, which is one that never shuts down. Use these [tag]Sunday school crafts[/tag] to teach your lesson on this commandment to your younger children.

For some children Sunday means that their parents will be scheduled to work, while for others it means homework for Monday. For some it still means the traditional dinner at Grandma’s house, but these students seem to be in the minority more and more often. For all lifestyles and schedules, there are still ways to keep the Sabbath holy—special, restful, and a day to look forward to in our week for rejuvenation of our faith. [tag]The Sabbath[/tag] is a special day for our relationship with the Lord.

Gratitude Picture
This is an activity for your younger [tag]Sunday school[/tag] students. One of the ways to keep Sunday as God’s special day is to be thankful for all they have. Have them draw a picture of something they are thankful for.

Have crayons ready and a half-sheet of construction paper for each child so that kids can draw. When all have arrived and finished a picture, have them share what’s in their gratitude picture.The half-sheet size is important because later they will frame these with a whole sheet.

Next have students
• take their original gratitude picture
• run stick glue across the back
• Center it on a whole sheet of paper on which you have written the words, “I am grateful on the Sabbath for…”

They can also opt to draw some things onto the construction paper.
They can take their picture home and  put in their room where they can see it. This will remind them to be greatful all week and of the special way they honored the Sabbath.

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