Sunday School Class Rules – Control and Expectations

Sunday School Class RulesMaintaining control over your Sunday school class can sometimes be difficult. Here are two of my key Sunday school class rules that work well.

2 Key Sunday School Class Rules

There will always be problem students in your Sunday school class, and managing them is essential to maintaining your attendance numbers.  If you allow a student to continually act up or be disrespectful to you, him/herself, or others, the other students will perceive the class as a joke and be less excited about attending.  Sunday school particpiants get tired of having the lesson stopped so that a student can be disciplined, so establish your authority early with clear rules and punishments.  Then, make sure to enforce them!

At the beginning of Sunday school, explain to your students the importance of having rules for everyone’s safety and ability to learn.  Ask for their input in the creation of rules, and craft several simple guidelines that your students can take credit for.  When they have taken part in the drafting of rules and consequences, they will be more likely to respect those rules and hold other students accountable as well.

This helps you maintain a controlled environment and increase the amount everyone can learn from each Sunday school session.


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  • Gloria Suttle

    Reply Reply August 28, 2012

    I am looking for classroom rules for children in Sunday School from 3 to 11 years old.

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