Sunday School Activities – Role Playing and Elijah

This is one of the [tag]Sunday school activities[/tag] you can use with your younger Sunday school students when teaching the story of [tag]Elijah[/tag].  This helps them begin to think of how to do or say the right thing rather than be influenced by bad choices.(Teacher words in bold.)

Sunday School Activities for Lessons about The Story of Elijah

The Monster, Mr. Bear, & the Sheep:  Role Playing

Bring in used stuffed animals (perhaps from your child’s stash), enough for each child to have one after all arrive. Make a monster out of a pillow in a garbage bag with a scary face drawn on it. Put one chair on top of the craft table. Make a bear out of a throw pillow in a garbage bag with a startled face and crying “o” shaped mouth. Put Mr. Bear between the legs of the chair, which is his house.

Today we’re going to be talking about peer pressure, which means when kids try to get other kids to do bad things. Monster, here, is trying to make the sheep break into Mr. Bear’s house.

Bring a couple of stuff toys over to the chair. Do a back-and-forth, such as:

Mr. Bear: Please don’t break in! I’m scared of robbers! I need all my stuff for my family!

Monster to sheep: Go! Break in and get Mr. Bear’s stuff, you stupid, little twerps! Scaredy cats!

Sheep: Oh, no…what do I do? Mr. Bear is big! How do I get out of this?

It’s your job until the lesson starts to help the sheeps figure out what to say to Monster and Mr. Bear, because sheeps love to do the right thing!

As more children arrive, let them take turns assuming the roles of Monster, Mr. Bear and the sheep.


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