Sunday School Activities – Letting Go of Idols

Teaching the [tag]Ten Commandments[/tag] is just one of the responsibilities you have as a [tag]Sunday school[/tag] teacher.  Here is one of the [tag]Sunday school activities[/tag] you can use with your older students to teach about letting go of false idols and how to talk with God.

Sunday School Activities for a lesson on “Letting Go of Idols”

Ask your students how many of them recognize some of the things that maybe they spend too much time thinking about and could be threatening to become an idol?  Let kids think of some things they don’t want to become false idols in their lives.

Emphasize to them that the way to love God more than their potential idols is to talk to Him and listen to him. Tell them when they speak to him, he does speak back to their heart. He is kind and good and cares about everything they do.

Because God is the King, talking with him can make them feel more like the children of the King. Communing with God, mixing their prayers in with his love, will make them feel like one of his royal children.

Royal Purple Passion Punch Activity

Do they know that purple is considered the color of royalty?

Have on the table cups filled halfway with water. Have one child come forward and pick up a cup of water. Ask him to think of something he could almost make into an idol and promise that he won’t. As the child says what the almost-idol is, put drops of blue food coloring into his water.

Ask him to now shut his eyes and say a silent prayer, and to try to think of what God might be saying to him.
Repeat this for every child at the table. Then go around with red food coloring. Ask each child to repeat what his almost idol was. Say, “God loves you a lot more than [soccer, football, whatever the item was] loves you.” Add drops of blue food coloring until the color in his cup is purple.

Now, have everyone add their Royal Purple Water to the punch bowl. After children pour their water in, add lemonade mix, and they can drink their Royal Punch they made as they learned from the lesson about idols and how to talk to God.


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